Cube Ice Maker (Modular)

Hoshizaki IM Machines utilize a closed cell ice making system that has an automatic flush cycle. After every new batch of ice, the water reservoir will drain and refill with fresh water. Cube ice is perfectly symmetrical and leaves a good impression with its hard crystal clear quality that melts very slowly, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite drinks longer. Hoshizaki’s modular system cube ice makers are built to support the needs for large volumes in an establishment. These modular systems placed on top of ice bins produces continuously with a model available for extended capacity.

A  stainless  steel  exterior with integrated door handles provides a hygienic and high quality finish.

An easily cleanable air filter allows users to carry out a routine cleaning schedule themselves.

A closed water circuit offers the  ultimate  contamination protection,  by  reducing  the number  of  points  at  which impurities can enter the ice making process.

Ice machines are computer controlled so the ice making process is optimized under varying circumstances without the need for physical adjustments.





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