Ice Dispenser

Cold drinks are very much favored especially in casual and self-service environments; operators can lessen the work or manpower with an ice-dispensing machine. DCM SERIES – CUBELET ICE DISPENSER Hoshizaki’s cubelet ice dispensers meet the need with its 2 in 1 function that makes and provides ice to customers through its compact and space saving dispensers. These units comes built with:
  • Adjustable portion control to reduce energy consumption and wastage.
  • Auger system brings water consumption equal to ice production.
  • Easy to clean and maintain mechanism.
  • Direct dispensing feature that reduces risk of contamination.
  • Push lever dispensing system.
DIM SERIES – CUBE ICE DISPENSER Built with Hoshizaki’s unique ice production system inside, cube ice are formed and kept in a an enclosed bin that prevent cross contamination. Features of the DIM Series:
  • Simple push button to dispense ice.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Enclosed ice bin prevents cross contamination.
  • Space saving design.
  • Cell type ice making system.




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